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A very long day is finally starting to wind 12:39AM

Here is a slide show of Brittany getting her hair did before her dance........
a $60.00 Updo

Here is the final outcome..... Isn't she beautiful?!!


Blog Rebirth

I have been blogging in another place and it is come a time where my blog content is no longer appropriate when mixed. So I have decided to have 2 blogs. This one for my family and the other for adult stuff.
Watch for new posts, first one will be of my beautiful daughter at Winter Homecoming.



Are you proud to be an American?

Well, I am less proud a little more everyday.

Rita Crosby will tell you all about why....

Then after you read her blog, PLEASE go to this site and sign the petition........

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I bought 2 used tires from Dobbs a couple weeks ago and the one on the drivers side had a small leak every since. I let it go as long as I could and bought some “Fix a Flat” from QT. I did read the directions and it does say on the can DO NOT ADD AIR. Ok, no problem. Well Fix a Flat does not last long and again I needed to add more. {no money yet to get another tire} So I got another can, again read the instructions which again included, “DO NOT ADD AIR”. It lasted a couple days this time and this time I have NO money for another can of “Fix a Flat”…..sigh

I had to run to the store last night, my wonderful hubby came with and we both decided that the tire might be too flat to drive very far so we just went down to the end of the street to Quick Trip.

I decide that since the Fix A Flat had been in the tire for days now, I am gonna try to add air and it should be okay.

So I park by the air pump, unscrew the cap from the tire, grab the air hose and pushed it onto the air stem.

Nothing was happening…….kept it on the stem and wait cuz maybe the Fix a Flat isn’t allowing the air to flow……but now it seems like the tire is getting even more flat.

How is that?? When I pulled the air hose off the tire air was blowing so I figured it was working. I put the hose back on and sent John into QT for the things we needed. It wasn’t until he went inside the store that I realized the air that was flowing when I removed the hose from the tire was the air FROM MY TIRE!!!

I turned around and inspected the air hose machine….I see “FREE AIR” a couple warnings and a Black Button!! Oh Damn….I know I have aired up tires before, this defiantly was not the first time, but for some reason this night I figured the damn pump would not have to be on to work!! Geezzz

So I pushed the black button & the tire filled beautifully. When John got back to the car and saw the tire, he smiled and said “good job baby”. He was so proud of me! I didn’t want to tell him why it wasn’t working before but I am, when it comes to John, a meticulously credible woman and so I told him. He laughed for hours, HOURS I tell ya. You’d think he never heard anything so damn funny. So we drive back up the street, laughing our asses off and park the car.

Seven o’clock this morning my, still laughing, husband had to go to work. We walk down to the car only to see that same tire blown out the side. OMG and he messed around getting ready for work and was already late. I had him get the nuts loose and I didn’t want John to get dirty so I did the rest, the dummy putting on the dummy tire, the Fix A FLat can said NO AIR! . When the tire was changed I sprayed both our hands with Windex {Windex comes from the Greek word Win-meaning wash and Dex meaning Hands} It works better than Goop!! And I took him to work, he was only 10 minutes late.

So, the moral to this story is……When the directions on a Fix a Flat can says DO NOT ADD AIR that is exactly what they mean!

Oh yeah…..and before you put air in your tire, make sure the damn air machine is on!!

Yeah, I hear you laughing…..go ahead, laugh it up!!

It IS pretty funny!!



~There is no way that this post will come close to giving credit to the angels in my life~
I have got to say that waiting for a pay raise is the hardest damn thing to do. John had received his promotion and a considerable raise in his pay, however, SnS gets paid every two weeks so it has been about a month waiting for his first big check.
I have tried everything in my power to stretch the money, feeding the kids 3 meals a day plus snack, is killing us. To top that off I can’t say no to them, I am learning but if they want anything extra somehow I find a way to get it for them.

I had mentioned all of this to a very dear friend of mine, right about that time our electric was shut off, and later that same day received a call back from her. When her hubby got home from work they had a chat and decided to go to the store and make a care package….actually it was more like a care truckload!! Her hubby even sent me some Grog, which I desperately needed. They got many boxes of mac n chz, tuna, fresh veggies that their neighbor picked from his garden, romaine lettuce, a carton of Marlboro cigarettes and even cat food!! I was so over whelmed I was speechless! Then she hands me a letter {I won’t post it without telling her first} a $20 bill fell out of it, but I balled like a baby while I read it. They are such wonderful people I can’t even find the words to express my gratitude!
We love you guys!! Thank you a million times for being here for us!

We also had other friends who helped out so much, feeding us, lending money for gas and cigs and just being there for support. We love you all!!

At the end of that one night my hubby says to me; “What did Clarence write in the book at the end of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”?”

"Remember no man is a failure who has friends."



I have to brag here….
I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world!!
My children went with my mom and sis-in-law to Chicago for 4 days. FIVE MINUTES after they left I broke. I just can’t stand to be away from my babies. John says it is because I do not trust the WORLD and he is right. I have major trust issues when it comes to my babies.
I ended up calling my wonderful husband at work and had him come home 3 hours early so I wouldn’t be alone.
The next day my wonderfully beautiful friend took me to our pool {here at the apartments}. She bought frozen fruit, OJ, Parrot Bay Rum, 2 extra long sub sandwiches, chips and a blender. We sat at the pool and had a wonderful time! I didn’t cry once, it was like she read my mind, when I’d think of the kids she would say “STOP IT!” And find something new to talk about! She takes such good care of me, I love her so much! What made the day even better was another of our beautiful friends showed up! It was sooo great to see her and, sweety, you look FABULOUS in a swimming suit!!!
Wish you could have stayed longer!
A little after 7pm my friends had left and another showed up with his kids!! I had a great time playing with them!! The little 3 year old boy would jump on me and we would wrestle. He would tell me, “you sleep and I fight!” LOL He is just wicked strong!!
I didn’t want to go home; it was such a great day I never wanted it to end! I finally left at 10 pm. My wonderful, sexy hubby and I laid in bed, held each other and talked until we fell asleep.
For all those involved I just want to say….THANK YOU and I love you all!!!

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It is time!!
I must watch this movie again and soon!! Just can't see it enough!
Ummmm James Spader....~drool~~
Does anyone have this movie so I can borrow it??
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Or this one??
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Oh hell, I'm gonna go buy them!!

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I need help putting together some summertime activities for children and their families.

I live in a large apartment complex with a pool and club house and butt load of children. Some of these kiddos are latchkey kids and desperately in need of activities during the day. We also need things to do so we can get to know the people in our community. We are in Jefferson County and even though our people are extremely nice in public, they are just as extremely private at home. We have a lot of SAHMs and a good amount of elderly.

Armed with that information, what kind of activities do YOU think would be fun and/or informative??

Some of the ideas I have come up with so far are;

A Stitch & Bitch, Book Club, Air Hockey table & video games for the “tweens”, maybe a CPR-baby sitting certification class (but I need a certified teacher).

We are going to put out a monthly news letter and I need ideas for that also.

Like I want to add a freecycle section (giving away things we no longer need, one mans trash is another’s treasure), a classified section for services offered, neighborhood night out (block party), and I would also like to do Tupperware, Candle Lite, and {shhhhh} ADULT parties.
I would be more than happy to set these up for those of you who do parties.

So those are some of my ideas, do you have any??

What would YOU want to do in YOUR community??